About Steve, your Masseur

I have one, simple mission. To serve you in a way that really pleases you.

I like to feel that what I do is life-changing for you in some way; men who are in need of escape from life's pandemonium. To feel completely removed from the rush of modern times and responsibility.

To spend much needed time in the company of a gentle, soft-centred erotic masseur. I’m Steve,  a big, reflective strong man with talented hands and a huge heart. I was given my empathy, gentleness, patient and caring disposition for a purpose. To be a kind soul who cares about and loves to help others. Especially you.

You may have thought about being with a man like me for a very long time, and may have had a hard time finding me. Now, you finally have; I’m here to be of service to you. 

Massage is something I love from the very core of my soul. I enjoy sensuality, warmth, empathy, generosity, creativity, curiosity, humour, good, respectful and fun company. All the good things in life.  I am a small, but very special part of every man I’ve ever massaged, just as they are now a tiny part of me.


Memorable, happy, free, and with some lifted burden. Massage is my gift of pleasure, harmony, balance, peace and caring, and I’m a bringer of some piece and love to the world. I enjoy pleasure by feeling your pleasure. Hearing your pleasure. Watching your pleasure. Your enjoyment of a unique time with me as your host. 

A man who’s dream is to completely indulge your senses and spoil you rotten, and treat you well.  To look after you, and give you the support you need. The combination of you and me is unmatched by you and somebody else, simply because they are not me, and how you are with me may not be like how you are with the others.

Ideal Men I Love to Massage

Above all, I love to massage men who identify as straight, or bi, and are normally highly masculine.  Black (my real favourites), Asian, Middle-Eastern, Hispanic, European- I find all very enjoyable. Any lovely guys similar to the rather nice young man in the photographs, I'm in my element of enjoyment when I massage you. However, remember that's not cast in stone. All men have a unique quality which can make them attractive.

They have a twinkle in the eye that grips me, handsome faces, as well as solid muscular physiques ( I particularly love to massage bodybuilders and muscle men!).  

I really love massaging huge dicks, too.  I play the piano often, and I guarantee I have some great finger techniques that will tickle your ivories like you've never known! 😉 

Hairy or Smooth?

Hair, or lack of hair, isn’t a problem.  I massage you, regardless.

Having a great body and physical attraction go a long way to making your massage really erotic.  The more erotic your appearance, the more pleasure I'll get, and the better your massage will be.  You never know just how good it could be until you try it. 

Tall or short?

Your height isn't important.  One of the most amazingly sexy men I ever massaged was a jockey.  What he lacked in height was more than made up for in personality, wit, charm and pure physical beauty.  He was like a pocket Hercules, with a disposition like sunlight, lighting up the lives of everyone he knew.  He was fantastic.

If you happen to be married this is not a problem.  I recognise, all too often, that as men, we don’t get the time to indulge ourselves in pleasure with another man nearly as much as we should like.

The problem is frequently amplified by society, considering such desires immoral. Far from being immoral, the massage I provide is actually extremely important work, especially for a man’s self-expression, and ultimate health and well being.

You can rest assured I am totally discreet at all times.

As well as loving massage, I also enjoy cooking, playing the piano, trying out new ideas and learning new skills, and enjoy challenges and being adaptable.


More about my history and life experience

My beginnings

I was born in 1963 in Watford, living in Garston. I attended Meridan Junior School ( now demolished) for my education. 

My childhood, adolescence and adulthood 

When I was 10 years old, my family and me moved to Cornwall. Because the piano didn't fit in the removal van, it had to be left behind. I really missed it. All the friends I knew, I had to leave behind; and, with difficulty, met and made some new ones. The accent was quite hard to understand at first. There are a large number of different local accents used in various areas. 

I was very much something of a loner. I didn't make or have many friends, because I was very introverted. I was quiet, quite anxious and very sensitive. This didn't fit well with most of the cliques in school, and they frequently branded me something of a weirdo. I also had a habit of talking to myself, which also seemed to upset them. 

I was just being a normal child, in his own, fascinating little world of observations and learning. I think the problems from other kids was their own lack of understanding. Those few friends I did make were very supportive and genuine, and have remained life-long; whereas many others were not.

The pace of life was very quiet. We first lived in a small village called Porthleven (pronounced locally as "Port Lebbum). I attended the local school until I went on to Helston Comprehensive School. 


I really felt uncomfortable, and hated school; though I did love English, Music and Woodwork. Technical drawing was challenging but enjoyable, though only part of the curriculum and not something I could specialize in. 

I studied French, biology, physics, maths ( I loathed it, though enjoyed applied geometry using compasses to draw weird and wonderful patterns ). I also had and loved everything "Spirograph ". Spirofoil. Spiromatic, Spiro 2000, Spirotint... and of course, Swing-o-graph.

Piano lessons 

It was shortly after my 11th birthday that, to my delight, I was led to a piano in the sun lounge- which was quickly moved to a cooler, more temperate room, where it stayed in tune far better, and wasn't in sunlight. 

After a gap of 4 years, there was an option to take in-school piano tuition, and I took grades 3, 4 and 5. Grade 6 was, for me, the last, principally because I can't stand theory of any kind, least of all, music theory. I simply couldn't understand much of it, and learning what I had made my head hurt quite severely.

I never played publicly, because I'm very shy, and because of stage fright. I disliked practicing scales and arpeggios, broken chords, etc. This made my tutors very frustrated. "If only Stephen would discipline himself, he could be a concert virtuoso!" was in a somewhat adverse school report about my teacher's frustration with me. However, it was not to be. I simply loathed the discipline. Luckily, my parents weren't the kind who made me do anything I didn't like.

I do have certain regrets now, though. To be able to perform a Chopin concerto with an orchestra would be a great achievement. But my fingers tie themselves in knots even at the thought! It's lovely to be able to play for my own enjoyment, which is nice, as it allows me to extend my creativity.

Higher education 

I went on to higher education at Cornwall Technical College, where I gained O levels in English Language, Human Biology, and Drama. Unfortunately, the drama took up so much time that my other subjects suffered. I think the tutor was obsessed, and nothing else, or nobody else mattered. 

It has taught me some very important integration and people skills, which often helps me think outside the box. That way, I'm unique. Not trying to be someone else, nor, frankly, interested in copying that which others do. Although I do accept we're all touched by others, which then makes us a tiny part of them, be inspired by them, and very likely they become, in part, a part of ourselves and go into the recipe of what makes us who we are.

Building my practice 

When I did part time care work, as I built my massage practice in 1997, I supported individuals with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. This was mentally tiring, but incredibly rewarding in terms of what I was able to help them achieve. It was also great fun. 

I met some very amusing characters. They had fun voices, and often came out with hilarious comments- things like "Steve's got scary legs!" or "Steve's got a skinny bum!" and "Steve is a beautiful lady!" I used to crack up. "We're 'avin dead bird!" and, "I had burglars on toast this mornin."  "I - I've been to the doctors, yeah. He had to make sure I was still breathin'.

"They made sure I wasn't leakin'." I loved them to bits.

And they loved sing-a-long. The group was initially a maximum of 10; a staff member played guitar, but unfortunately, played every song in the key of G. This was very monotonous. Then, one day, Wendy, the manager, said to me, "Well, on your application form, it says you play the piano. You could do sing-a-long on Thursdays!" 

And, in at the deep end I was cast! I learned 32 songs in a week or two.  I contrasted each song, by playing them in different keys. The group grew quickly from 10 to 180 within a month. They put tables away after lunch, and dragged the piano into the room ready for 1:30pm sharp. No sensory-room session for me!

This variety of experience has given me some wicked people skills, and I often had to diffuse potentially dangerous violent incidents and behaviour, and used humour and quick thinking as much as possible to save the day. 

Far better than being a baker, going at close on light-speed. I often met myself coming downstairs with baskets of pasties on my way upstairs with the empties; crazy mad. We'd make around 5 thousand pasties on a Saturday. Many of the locals shocked me to the core, when I saw they even 'aaave a paaasty and chips for their Christmas Dinner! Personally, I can't imagine Christmas dinner without turkey, and all the delicious trimmings! But, you live and learn!

I'm probably one of those rare people who can stand on one foot, hold a conversation with someone, stop two other people trying to get into a fight, and serve lunch without dropping a single bit! Unless, when causing some mirth, I managed to catch myself on a fire extinguisher and end up falling flat on my face!

The present 

Now, I go to yoga once every 14 days, and hit the gym once or twice a week, as time allows. I have to ensure I have enough energy left to do the best massage for you.

I've been on several massage courses throughout my career, and have learned No Hands massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, facial massage and aromatherapy. 

All these different styles lend themselves to making your massage even better, and I often blend some or all of them together to give you the best massage experience. I also teach massage, and put on a variety of different classes throughout the year.

I have a very gentle, nurturing disposition, which lends itself particularly well to giving you the right support and empathy. I have a zany, slapstick, sometimes sick sense of humour, which you either love or hate. I guess that makes me a bit like human Marmite.

Thank you for visiting my website.