Active vs. passive massage

Active Massage vs. passive massage

I have often held the belief that, when we have massage, we are expected to be still, quiet, and totally passive. This should not be the case. It’s important not to view the term ‘active’ as implying sex in any manner. The purpose is to help you remain flexible and mobile.

Having done massage for a great many years, I have discovered that, massage, where the receiver is more active, has men report far better results, including those relating to pain reduction, flexibility, and openness, with greater improvement in posture and personal satisfaction.

So what is active sensual massage?

It involves the client being active during the massage, by doing such things as rocking, shaking, making verbal expressions; telling me what they want me to do more of, etc.

I use a more lively, upbeat playlist for this massage style, and encourage my client to move to the music (if they wish to, of course, it’s never an expectation).

I encourage them to move their body in such a way that it ripples (like they are a wavy ribbon). You might think it difficult, but, actually, with support from me, it’s surprisingly easy.

It has certain benefits similar to yoga, in that some of the positions I put you into may resemble yoga postures in some form.

Often, during this phase of the massage, vertebra or vertebrae (if more than one), will click back into place, and the muscles that held it tight suddenly let go and relax.

This can give renewed energy.  Muscles holding on when they’re not needed are like leaving a light switched on in an empty room. They have no use other than wasting your energy.

They can become painful or irritating, eventually leading to your body overcompensating, involving more muscle groups.  This can have a negative effect not only on your energy levels, but your general mobility and flexibility.

This active massage also has a link to your self-expression, which is also extremely important.  Click to read this article if you may be interested.

During active massage, you also have me work on your core muscles around your arse, where we normally hold an enormous amount of tension.

When working in these areas, and also getting you to be more active during your massage, particularly in this region, you’ll find your massage much more rewarding and pleasurable, with a deeper sense of enjoyment.

Some of you may possibly find it a little tiring, but well worth it. If you like the idea of trying it, please let me know when you book, because I’ll need to use music that’s more appropriate.