Are we a good fit?

This is important. For you to get the very best massage, I believe there should be a fabulous connection between masseur and client alike. For this reason, I can’t, and don’t, massage everybody. It’s impossible to have that sort of connection with everyone.
Massing a fine sexy arse!

I prefer massaging men between 21-50, though this isn't cast in stone. If you are in great physical shape,  attractive, sexy, gentle and considerate, the massage is really enjoyable to do.

What happens in a massage session?

If there isn't good chemistry or connection, you'll probably know when you see my picture. If you think you won't like me, I understand.  Please ask my permission before being too familiar,  amorous, or physical with me, regardless of your age. It’s common courtesy.

You can be any ethnicity, and your build should be as like the model in the photos as possible. I do please ask that you are clean and hygienic. Dirty bums needing oven-cleaner won’t do it for me. Sorry.

Gentle, beautiful guys, any ethnicity, in good shape (like the model), open to new experiences, with open hearts and minds, have the best massage. Every session is unique, because it’s unpredictable, magical, and sublime.