Here are some lovely reviews from some happy guys I've massaged.  Lots of men prefer to be completely discrete, so, many guys don't leave reviews, though they always appear to love the massage and many, many return for more sessions.

I feel like I've been reborn!

I feel like I've been reborn!

A x

You are the sweetest gentle fucking giant, you!

With every full body orgasm I had, the more relaxed and free I felt. The final climax didn't just make me squirt like fuck, it made me feel like radiating sunlight. Can't believe how stupidly worried I was. You are the sweetest gentle fucking giant, you! Rory x

I wanna bottle you up 'n take ya home!

Awesome, Stevio!

I wanna bottle you up and take ya home!  See ya next time, boy! 😉

You made me breathless!

You gave me so much pleasure, you made me breathless!

Incredible Massage!

Lovely to hear from you, Steve.  Your email brought back memories of an incredible massage!

Writhing in ecstasy!

How could I forget that massage?  You had me writhing on the massage table in a state of utter ecstasy, while I was given free range to admire and stroke that fantastic, hairy body of yours!  Something I’m not likely to ever forget…which is why I would like a repeat visit  - D


Warm relaxed feeling round my arse!

I’m Sitting on my patio with a warm smile, and a warm, relaxed feeling round my arse! Thank you!  XX A.

Years of Numbness washed away

Seriously mate, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me today.  I count myself extremely lucky to find such a sweet and gentle bloke as yourself.  In one afternoon it feels like years of numbness have been washed away.  Looking forward to next time.  A x

You transported me somewhere!

Hi Steve,

Just a short note to say thank you for a wonderful massage this afternoon.  I feel relaxed and energised at the same time.  You transported me somewhere!  Stay well.  All the best, S.

Ps- don't ever shave that body hair- it's divine!

Mind blowing!!

Well, you know me so well- Mind blowing!!  Thank you Mister- you're just the most patient and sweet guy I've ever met.  I'm sure you are an angel!  A xx

Better than my physio!


You're better than my physio!  See you some more 😉  V x

Major result!!


Not only was that really fucking erotic, but I'm more flexible 'n limber than I've been in ages. Major result!!

Be back soon.

Ben x


Can I just say that was amazing.  Fucking hell.  I need all the control in the world not to want to experience that again tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the next day.  Fuck!


Out of this world

A truly out of this world experience!  And a lavish environment- the stuff of the most generous and thoughtful guy! I'll be back soon. 😉  Toby