Massage for Black Men

Price: 100 GBP for 60 minutes, 130 GBP for 90 minutes. Please see Payments for card prices and charges.

Due to popular request, I have dedicated this page to the gorgeous Men of Colour among you. I have a Deep and Profound love of Men of Colour. 

Ever since an experience I had as a boy. I realized a deep connection when I was young but could not understand what it was. It haunted me very frequently. In a very erotic way. I never said a word to anyone, but dreamt of the enjoyment I often felt when I saw a black man. Their age made no difference to me at all.

Something about a beautiful Man of Colour sparks a powerful reaction in me. So powerful, it feels as though is at an atomic level. Whether you are smooth or Hairy, Younger or older, I know I will enjoy you totally. You have a delicious taste and smell. It drives me insane. Pure enjoyment of you is always the result. 

When a Man has a total, Soulful and Hedonistic enjoyment of you, he has the deepest possible spritual connection with you. The purest form of enjoyment possible.


When you have the deepest and purest possible spiritual connection, the massage you get will be the most fantastic you'll ever experience. It will give you all the erotic pleasure, warmth and completeness you have ever craved, giving you sensations you may often have dreamt about, and woken up very wet from..

Discover the Ecstasy of your truly Sensual self.

Have a gorgeous, Sensual, Hedonistic Massage that you'll remember for the rest of your days. Rediscover your Mantastic Energy.


Be deeply and profoundly moved by Massage that will take you to unbelievable heights of pleasure and gratification.

Call me. Let me pleasure you. Intense, Erotic, Timeless. Yield until you think you are going to burst. Then, I will let you burst.

The best, most potent, copious explosion you'll ever have in your life. Massage for Black Men. For your complete enjoyment! 

Experience the most mindblowing, physical, sensual and spiritual enjoyment and connection in your Massage! 

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