Gay Tantric Massage Acton London W3

Gay Tantric Massage is a deeply gratifying and beautiful experience. I give you a warm, sensual and lush massage, so you feel euphoric, and well balanced.

Tantric massage can be traced back thousands of years.  It's true purpose varies considerably, both in practice with different masseurs, and any books or publications reference methods used from drawings and writings which appear to have become fragmented over time. So it seems to have been learned hands-on and passed on similarly of the centuries. It has its roots in ancient sacred rituals, and was used to heal, energize, enrich, bring joy, and transform the lives of those who received it.

Price: 170 GBP for 150 minutes ( 2.5 hours) cash, ( 174.81 by card).



Though some may argue that it's related to sex, it can transcend sex entirely, as in the video.  With the right time, atmosphere and support, a man can be transported to the most amazing spiritual space, while at the same time, experiencing the most intense pleasure of his life.


Gay Tantric Massage Acton London W3


A man can be taken to this near orgasmic place for as long as he can ride the desire and not wish to achieve an ejaculatory climax.

If climax is reached, though very enjoyable and more intense than you might be used to, it also depletes your energy, and can leave you feeling exhausted.


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With true Tantric Massage, you are taken near the state of ejaculation, but never over the edge.

If you enjoy massage, and, for you, it must culminate in your reaching ejaculation, then Tantric Massage may not be a suitable option for you, whereas Sensual probably would be.

If you wish to explore Tantra, and are willing to succumb to being completely overcome by the sensations, and being completely relaxed and moved by the experience, then you need to surrender to it and go where it takes you, wherever that may be.  It’s very different for different people.

Surrender to my touch, be nurtured, open your heart to a new and transforming discovery of your senses with a massage that will leave you feeling amazing.