Massage classes are presently held approximately every 4-6 weeks, at my studio in Acton. The price for a class is presently 150 GBP. As other new venues become available, the fees may rise to 200 GBP. 

I’m presently negotiating some new venues (Buddha on a Bicycle, for one), in Covent Garden. However, it looks as though nudity may be inappropriate there. If we do classes there, you’ll need to wear suitable light and comfortable clothing.

We’ll also have to do the massage draped (either under a towel or sheet), be mindful of our techniques, and the noise we make. I’ll be able to host more attendees, from the present 4 to around 20 per class.

Classes are only available to members of my London Gay Male Naturists Massage Group, or men who’ve had a private massage session with me at any time.

The Meetup group is private, so none of the class details will show up until you join the group, and are approved. When you’ve joined, you’ll be able to RSVP for classes and pay online via Paypal on Meetup.

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Please call or email me if you are interested in attending any. Join the mailing list so you can be kept updated on new classes and information about them:

These classes are for complete beginners to massage, and will prove a very pleasant way of connecting with your partner.