Deep Tissue Sensual Massage

Minimum 90 minutes = 130 GBP cash (by card 133.80).



This Deep Tissue Sensual Massage combination is a powerful, firm massage with some body contact, combined with tender, intimate touch. An hour is not available for this style, because it is not long enough to have your aching muscles freed up, and give you a good sensual time as well.

If you are looking for pure, gentle intimate sensual touch, then you may prefer Sensual Massage.

This massage is preferred by those men who love fairly deep, firm touch, spiced with body to body contact and gentle, tender intimate touch.

It's a really nice all-rounder, since it deals effectively with any aches you might have, areas of pain or discomfort, and you also have the added benefit of enjoying the intimate, sensual touch on your whole body.

For many men, this massage is the ultimate. You are not draped ( covered with a towel) at any time, don't need to wear underpants or anything else.

  • For this combo style, you'll need to decide how much time is spent doing deep tissue work, and how much on sensual.
  • NB. If you've got really obstinate knots and or tension, 90 minutes may not be enough to address them as well as be really sensual. You might prefer a 2 hour session, in this case. Please give this some thought before booking your session.

Indulge in a Powerful, firm massage with body contact, combined with tender, intimate touch. Please ensure you have read the Terms of Indulgence page before making your booking.