Sensual Massage

1 hour = 100 GBP cash (by card 102.83), 90 minutes = 130 GBP cash ( by card 133.80).



This Sensual Massage style is an indulgent, sensual style, involving massage of your whole body. It is intended primarily for pleasure and relaxation, as in the video.

There is no deep work in this type at all, unless you request it at any point. If you are looking for something with more depth and vigour to it, as well as a very sensual element, then you might prefer Sensual Deep Tissue Massage instead.

During your Sensual Massage, the touch is at a level you enjoy most. If you like it heavier, that isn't a problem. You just need to let me know.

You may also like the touch almost feather light sometimes, and firmer at others. All you need do is let me know.

Sensual Massage involves your whole body ( unless there are areas you do not like to have massaged), genitalia, perineum and bum.

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If you are new to this style of massage, you will be pleasantly surprised how lovely it feels. You will have some of the most unbelievable pleasure.

I'm a masseur who enjoys your reactions to my touch, and the more you appear to like something, the more of it I'll do. There's nothing quite like being driven crazy when you're geting something you like!

It takes you to a really special place. Some guys have frequently said (when they've been able to find words) they have gone to space that's very spiritual, calm, peaceful and really felt incredibly aroused, and been constantly aware of it.

They have felt as though they are glowing afterwards, and, actually, have the feeling that other people look at them as though they are beings of a higher order. Well, who knows? They may well be.

So if you're looking to have a really out of this world experience, then this sensual Massage could well be for you. Experience pure, gentle, intimate touch. Just what you need to drive you wild.