Terms of Indulgence

You should ideally be between 21-50, but it's not essential; in great physical shape, down-to-earth, sexy, solvent, and gentle. This is a unique and exclusive service, intended only for those on good incomes.

Please be concise with text messages or calls so I know: what style you want, how long the session, and what your name is.

Be free of sexual expectations. The massage is erotic. For safety, sex is not part of the service. This avoids your anxiety about sexually transmitted diseases.

Be shower-fresh, if possible. I have a shower you can use on arrival. Please don’t use any strong colognes or aftershaves.

If you’re coming for sensual massage of any description, intimate areas should be so clean and fresh, I could eat my dinner off them. 

Un-invited touching or groping is not acceptable.  Regardless of age, please, ask my permission before making any form of advance.

Finally, I do not do outcall massage. I don’t visit your house or hotel.