Beautiful intimate touch with powerful body weight, body to body oily massage

A beautiful combination of tender intimate touch and powerful body weight, body to body oily massage. This is your unique stopportunity to enjoy total relaxation.

What’s this massage like?

Deep Tissue Sensual Massage is a deep, firm, thoroughly professional massage. Strong body weight massage used in combination with tender, mindful and intimate touch. This massage often requires a longer session than the Sensual Massage, giving enough time to release aching muscles and also give you a completely sensual experience.

This massage offers the same benefits as an intense sports massage, dealing effectively with muscular aches and areas of pain or discomfort, including defrosting frozen shoulders. We don’t even need to use a microwave oven to do it!

At the same time I add intimate, sensual touch to your whole body. It is an effective method not only for dealing with pain and discomfort but also for relaxation and release.

Am I draped with a towel?

Only if you want to be. I don’t usually drape you with a towel unless it’s something you particularly want. With no towel covering you, you’re able to completely disengage from the stresses and trials of life.

Relax into my firm, big, manly hands. I’m fully trained and I’ll soon find those aches and pains and work on them so they completely melt away. Every Deep Tissue Sensual Massage offers firm, delicious touch, slow, powerful and timeless, spiced with erotic body-to-body contact and total intimacy.

There is no need to wear underpants or any other clothing. We’re both completely naked so it gives you the greatest enjoyment and freedom possible.

All my massages are personalised exclusively for you. Whether you are looking for a relaxing, intimate, sensual massage or a more firm massage, Deep Tissue Sensual Massage is perfect for you.

Your massage can be finished with release if desired, although nothing is expected of you. The massage experience is fully personalised to exactly how you want it.

How long should the massage take?

Deep Tissue Sensual Massage is a minimum 1.5 hour session. This is usually enough to fully relax you, and remove all of your muscle stresses and pain. However, for more obstinate knots, and areas of extreme tension, a two-hour session may be useful. You may go upwards to 2.5 hours if you choose.

Please give thought to how much deep tissue and sensual work you want, so the massage is exactly how you like it.

Experience the height of sensual intimacy with the Deep Tissue Sensual Massage, and indulge yourself in this premium massage experience.

Black Friday prices (valid until the end of the month):

Prices range from £150 £100 for 1 Hour to £300 £220 for 2.5 hours depending on your needs. Appointments require 50% of the massage fee paid in advance. Full details here.

Loyalty cards are stamped for you on each session. When you’ve got your card stamped 9 times, your 10th massage is free of charge!

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