What happens during a gay massage session?

If you haven’t experienced a sensual gay massage before, you may be nervous or curious about what happens. Hopefully this page will help you. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please get in touch and let me know.

It’s important not to have too many expectations as this can stop you allowing yourself to let go. To put your mind at ease, here’s a summary and some additional information of what can take place.

What’s involved?

Because every massage is completely different, it’s hard to know exactly what happens during a gay massage session. It’s entirely dependent on many factors, such as how we click, how you respond to, or react to, my touch and how you perceive me as a person. It depends a lot on how my different qualities interact with yours.

It also depends on how you are in the moment. Whether you choose to be quiescent or noisy (in terms of your vocalisations or self-expression).

In all cases, my observations always lead how I go forward with a session. After all, you are at the centre of what I do, so it’s a point of best practice for me.

Be yourself

It’s a special place to be. To hold and hug. Cuddle and be cuddled. Even if that’s all you want.

No need for performance. No anxiety. Just being where you can just ‘be held’. To cherish. And be cherished. Safe. Quiet or noisy. Self-expression and self-awareness in the moment. The moment where it feels as though time stops. It stops for you, your own ‘stopportunity’.

It’s a place of trust. A place for respect. To honour who you are. A place for discovering your truth. Your ‘why’.

It’s experiential

Some men are extremely shy and may, or may not, feel guilty about wanting to experience that I have to offer.

Some may be really aroused by the thought of having beautiful touch from a very highly experienced, patient and mature gay masseur.

We often go into relationships, too fulfil social or cultural obligations. Unfortunately, I see many who end up being incredibly unhappy. They find themselves trapped, unable to escape and be who they really want to be.

Discovering who you are

This is, in part, why men want to visit me. They want to see, or find out, who they are. They want to discover something deeper and undiscovered about themselves.

The massage appears to go through different phases during a session and takes on different characteristics at different times during the session.

Sometimes, it can begin quite intense, then ebb and flow between being very soft and gentle and then veer towards being more intense again. That can happen any number of times.

Sometimes the massage may start off very gently and softly and, as you relax, you begin to allow yourself to be more open to the experience and find yourself enjoying it at quite an intense level. Then you might find you go through a soulful, peaceful phase, where you just want to ‘be’ again. There’s no right or wrong.

Getting clean

Firstly, you’ll need to be shower fresh. The purity of a massage will ensure your spiritual cleanliness and it’s important to make sure we’re both physically clean too!

What are your needs?

Next, we’ll discuss your needs. Perhaps you are just looking for a Sensual Massage. In which case, I will be gentle. If you are looking for a more vigorous experience (perhaps a Deep Tissue Sensual Massage), now is the time to say. At this point, you can also let me know of any areas you wish to remain untouched.

If you wish, there are some optional rituals we can share together before the massage begins. To establish intimacy, we can have a hug before beginning. When it comes to undressing, we can remove our clothes together in a ritual (if you would like it), either simultaneously or one-by-one. You decide. I’ll be there for your comfort, so it’s up to you.

During the massage

I will anoint you with a warm, rich and silky coconut oil, used to aid the massage. It has no odour and will leave you feeling waxy.

While I am massaging you, it’s important to let yourself go and be mindful in the moment. I will frequently check that you are comfortable. It’s a good idea to have a glass of water nearby, in case you feel thirsty.

Mutual touch

If there’s a strong physical attraction between us, mutual touch is lovely. However, if there isn’t, I may find it uncomfortable. Before making an appointment with me, please read my questions and answers page.

Have a look at my FAQs for the heading is mutual touch allowed? Clicking on the title will expand the content, so you can read the details about it. It’s case specific, I’m not comfortable with mutual touch from just anyone.

What reactions might I have to massage?

Reactions can be varied and very different. Some men might experience emotional upset and may cry, others my experience extreme joy.

Depending on the kind of massage you have, your body may vibrate and you may experience some mild or severe convulsions of your body because the bliss is so intense that your body loses control.

There are many reactions you can experience during a massage, so it’s not easy to say what will, and will not, happen for certain.

A range of different reactions

Here are just a tiny range of possible reactions. They are all different forms of release which you may, or may not, experience. Remember, everyone will experience them in different ways and to a greater, or lesser degree.

Some reactions will be lovely – some, conceivably, may not be.

The uncomfortable ones first

  • Feeling uncontrollably emotional
  • Crying
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Feeling as though you’re drunk
  • Feeling lost, lonely or helpless
  • Needing the toilet more often than usual
  • Feelings of anger or depression
  • Physical loss of control – your body may react in a way that scares you

Some middle-ground ones

  • Vivid recollections of events of long ago
  • Regressive feelings

The lovely ones

  • Trembling, vibrations, convulsions
  • Shakes and shudders
  • Full body orgasms – one, or many
  • Ejaculation
  • Feeling like a huge weight, or burden, has been removed
  • Greater flexibility
  • Feelings of freedom, rebirth or being invigorated
  • Feeling liberated
  • Feelings of extreme euphoria
  • Laughter
  • Shouting and or hollering
  • Being much more energised due to release of tension and emotional holding

It doesn’t matter if you have reactions like these

Whichever reactions you experience, it’s perfectly fine to feel them. I’ll be there for you and will check to see if you’re ok. Remember, you can ask me to stop and talk with me, or I can just be supportive and quiet by your side as you allow the emotions to do their thing.

Please don’t worry unnecessarily about experiencing these feelings. All are quite natural, and are part of the release process you may have during or after your massage.

I offer a discreet, premium gay massage service located in Street, Somerset. I have over 20 year experience and plenty of qualifications. If you would like to find out more, or book a session, please get in touch.

If you’re not sure which style of massage you’d like, please ask for help. It’s part of what I do.

Massage costs- limited time offer:

Prices range from £150 £100 for 1 Hour to £300 £220 for 2.5 hours depending on your needs. Appointments require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Full details here.

Loyalty cards are stamped for you on each session. When you’ve got your card stamped 9 times, your 10th massage is free of charge!

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