A unique massage style I’ve developed

Massages are not just designed to stimulate your skin, nerves or sense of feeling. By entering the sacred sensual circle, you allow yourself to bask in a special, sacred and spiritual space.

A unique experience

Once you lie down, you will have a massage experience like no other. Just like all my massages, this experience takes place on a lovely comfortable futon. The Sensual Circle Massage will need time for me to prepare the space. Please ensure you book this one quite well in advance.

The availability of fine rose petals can sometimes be a challenge. This massage can’t be booked at the last minute because roses may not be available at short notice. 😊

While our bodies will connect in deep intimacy, the Sensual Circle Massage will also please your senses by the rose petals sprinkled around us (if you want me to use them). The moment will be pure, beautiful and memorable.

I am a strong man, with a gentle touch, and I am an expert at using my smooth hands to help men transcend the physical plane and achieve a position of peace and ultimate relaxation.

A world of intimacy

Sensual Circle Massage is designed to be a purely sensual experience. We will explore the various facets of intimacy together in a number of ways. Sensual Circle Massage will help you to be mindfully aware of your level of arousal. Because when you’re more aware of it, it helps you enjoy it as an experience in itself. That’s far better than using it as a means to an end.

Remember: you can always say “no” if you find a particular sensation or technique uncomfortable. In return, I ask you to remember that I’m here to perform the massage on you – not vice versa.

I am an experienced provider of premium sensual gay massage located in Street, Somerset, with many qualifications and well over a quarter of a century’s worth of experience. Previous clients, all of whom are professional, refined gentlemen, have found my Sensual Circle Massage both freeing, exhilarating and nurturing.

Some comments about Sensual Circle Massage from happy men


It was so lovely to feel free, soulfully connected and not vulnerable. By sharing your special spiritual arena with me, you, too, were equally vulnerable. You have changed my life, Steve. I no longer fear intimacy.


Expressive, liberating and exhilarating! See you again soon.

If you, too, want a premium gay Sensual Circle Massage, contact me today for more information. I hope to see you soon.

Massage costs-limited time offer:

Prices range from £150 £100 for 1 Hour to £300 £220 for 2.5 hours depending on your needs. Appointments require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Full details here.

Loyalty cards are stamped for you on each session. When you’ve got your card stamped 9 times, your 10th massage is free of charge!

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