First time having a gay massage?

I hope the information I give you in this page will help you feel supported, befriended, and have a picture of what I’m like as a person. At some point, when you feel ready, you’ll be more confident about me giving you a beautiful, sensual gay massage.

Some of the information here is similar to the info on my what happens during a gay massage page. Please take a look at it as well as my questions and answers page.

If it’s your first time having gay massage

If this is the first time you’ve had a gay massage, you’re probably wondering:

  • How it goes?
  • What it involves?
  • What’s it going to be like?

Those are natural questions and I’ll help all that I can.

Because my clients have very different questions flying around in their heads, I can’t necessarily anticipate those questions, therefore and I can’t provide you with answers here. Those are questions you’ll have to shoot at me. You can do that using WhatsApp, email, text or a phone call. Whatever method you’d be more comfortable using.

Personal questions

I’m afraid I don’t answer personal questions. There is plenty of information about me on this website and my personal details are not up for discussion. Similarly, any details about what I do with other clients, as with any other professional service, is strictly confidential.

Anything else, I’m more than happy to help you with, if it’s within the scope of my profession and I can answer it accurately. If it’s something I can’t answer, I’ll point you to better sources of information where possible.

First time having gay massage? Here’s a brief run down on what happens

It can be hard to describe specifically what happens for each man with his massage. That’s because your reactions to it can be as unique as your fingerprint. I don’t have any accurate way of saying exactly how you might react, other than the observations I’ve made, and noticed, from my years of experience.

Before you make your appointment, you may wish to contact me for further information and we can arrange a phone consultation.

I ask you some questions

I’ll ask questions, such as how you’re feeling, what you want from your massage and if you have had much massage before. These help to give me picture of your general state and help you connect with me more easily. I also make a point of asking you if there is any part of you which you would not want me to touch.

I’ll ask you about what kind of touch you prefer

If you would like me to use very light, gentle pressure, then I can adjust it to your needs. It’s possible that you may prefer me to use more firmness. You could conceivably enjoy a mixture of light and strong.

Remember, there isn’t any right or wrong preference. What matters most, is that it’s how you want it to be in the moment. You are quite welcome to ask me to change my touch pressure during the massage, if you want to.

When you’re ready, I’ll invite you to lay down on the futon.

At this stage, I’ll help you make yourself as comfortable as possible before I begin the massage. I’ll then begin to anoint your body with warm coconut oil. I like to apply oil over your body to start with so your massage flows better. That way, I don’t need to stop and apply more unless it’s absolutely necessary. If I do, then I love to do it subtly. That means you’re spending more time enjoying your session rather than being aware of undue interruptions.

Turning you over

Depending on which session you choose, after about an hour, I’ll gently ask you if you feel ready to turn over. This is a process that takes time. I don’t expect you to rush. Take exactly as long as you need.

When you’re feeling really floaty (which men frequently do with this sort of massage), it can take a while to find the energy to move. I’ll help you all the way, with big, strong and gentle arms. I’m there for you, waiting to help if you’d like me to.

After gentle encouragement to come back to your breath, and settling you down again, I’ll continue the massage on the front of your body. You don’t have to be still, you can move your body to the music if you want to, or you can just entirely relax into the support of the futon. There’s no right or wrong way to be.


Depending on your preference, I’m happy to give you a slow, delicious release whenever you want me to. Equally, you don’t have to release at all. You can hold it for your partner or spouse if you prefer.

Can the masseur cum too?

This is not something I do. As I’ve advanced in maturity, I don’t release readily. In this matter, I have a rule – the rule is: I never cum for clients.

I already give a huge amount of my energy doing a massage. There should be absolutely no expectation for me to perform. Just as there’s no expectation for you to perform.

Anything more you’d like to know?

I hope that I’ve touched on everything that you would need to know about massage if it’s your first time and I hope this has proved useful for you.
For anything you feel I haven’t covered, please contact me and ask a question. You only have to book a massage with me when you fell ready. That can take time.

Any worries? What sorts of thoughts or doubts could be holding you back?

In order to experience this beautiful sensual gay massage, pause for a moment; have a think about your worries. Please run them by me. I may not be able to reassure you about anything, especially if you don’t say what’s worrying you. Some common worries (which many guys have) include:

  • Worried about how other people might perceive them
  • The unknown is often a cause of fear or anxiety
  • Fear of being found out
  • Believing other people know why you come to see me
  • Cultural or religious fears that have been instilled in you since childhood
  • Feel of being punished
  • Fear of enjoying yourself
  • Guilt and or shame
  • Lack of confidence

Ironically, sensual massage can help you to overcome all of the above.

If it’s because you’re worried, about what other people might think, there’s a very important person you’re forgetting – yourself. It’s about having some YOU time. Nothing to do with them. Nothing at all. Nobody knows about your massage appointment. There’s no gigantic billboard outside the house with anyone’s name and photo on. It’s totally confidential. Totally discreet. Totally private. Fear not, guys.

“Your dreams won’t come true if you fear what others might think”

On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being highly unlikely and 10 being extremely likely), where are you? Where would you like to be? How soon would you love to be there? Only you can decide.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, to take you somewhere special.

Massage costs- limited time offer:

Prices range from £150 £100 for 1 Hour to £300 £220 for 2.5 hours depending on your needs. Appointments require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Full details here.

Loyalty cards are stamped for you on each session. When you’ve got your card stamped 9 times, your 10th massage is free of charge!

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