Lingam Massage is intensely beautiful

Lingam Massage Street Somerset. Lingam Massages are spiritual, as well as taking you to an amazing space. A massage of your lingam can give you fantastic pleasure. This is because it’s completely unhurried. My intention is to help you really enjoy, and celebrate, your masculinity while enjoying your premium gay Lingam Massage.

As you probably may know, ‘Lingam’ means ‘wand of light’. It comes from the Sanskrit for ‘penis’. As you can imagine, there are many, many ways to have your lovely cock massaged. This style of massage is devoted, and dedicated, entirely to the massage of your lovely lingam. 

Lingam Massage – a unique experience

Once you lie down, you will have a massage experience like no other. Just like all these massages, this experience will take place on a futon. Here, you will be able to relax while I concentrate on massaging your beautiful, sacred lingam.

I am a strong man with a gentle touch and I am an expert at using my smooth hands to help men transcend the physical plane and achieve a position of peace and ultimate relaxation.

A beautiful world of intimacy

Lingam Massage is designed to encourage you to be mindful and self-aware. This one takes time. Self-awareness and mindfulness on your part, as well as complete and undistracted, concentration on my part. My aim is to bring you to a point of simmer. If you look at simmer as being just prior to the point of no return ejaculation, and boiling as ejaculation itself, it’ll give you a far better understanding of what I mean.

How far you’d like to go with your Lingam Massage is entirely up to you, of course. Every massage I do is something I look upon as going on a journey. It’s special, and it’s invariably unique. Even when you have another massage, you may find it completely different to that which you experienced previously.

Will it be very intense?

Yes, it can be extremely intense. This is why I may need to spread the erotic energy around your body a lot during this massage. It is, though, predominately massage of your lingam. It isn’t a style that may suit you if you are in too much of a rush to experience a fast orgasmic release. 

It has many great benefits. For one, it’s great for helping you with premature ejaculation, if that is something you have problems with. By doing some really simple guided exercises with you, you’ll be surprised how well you can gain control of your sexual self. Instead of popping far too fast, you’ll be delighted how long you are able to last. Some beautiful young men have barely been able to last more than 20 seconds. Even in their very first Lingam Massage session, I’ve supported them so patiently that they’ve increased 20 seconds to 90 minutes! Is that a great result? You decide.

I’ve heard that this helps with PE. Is this true?

Lingam Massage can help with premature ejaculation. I could also offer one to one coaching. This helps with various aspects of premature ejaculation. Please let me know if it’s something you’d like some help to overcome. That can be done with a coaching rather than a massage session. It will also depend on your comfort levels with talking about it, letting me know where you are, and where you’d like to be.

Is it true that Lingam Massage can help the brain create stem cells?

It’s certainly believed by many gurus that the brain is capable of repairing tissue and making stem cells when lots of full-body orgasms are felt. It’s dependent on your determination too.

There’s nothing to lose by having a beautiful Lingam Massage. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to have a go at experiencing, then I’m very certain my mature, strong, but gentle, warm hands will be able to assist you.

It’s surprisingly popular and is probably one the favourite massages that many guys go for. 

Some Reviews from happy Guys:


It was so lovely to feel free, soulfully connected and not vulnerable. By sharing your special spiritual arena with me, you, too, were equally vulnerable. You have changed my life, Steve. I no longer fear intimacy.


Expressive, liberating and exhilarating! See you again soon.

If you want a discreet, premium gay Lingam Massage located in Street, Somerset, contact me today for more information. I hope to see you soon.

Massage costs- limited time offer:

Prices range from £150 £100 for 1 Hour to £300 £220 for 2.5 hours depending on your needs. Appointments require a 50% non-refundable deposit. Full details here.

Loyalty cards are stamped for you on each session. When you’ve got your card stamped 9 times, your 10th massage is free of charge!

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