Generally, most guys have great personal hygiene. However, I appear to have a large number of men coming for sensual/intimate massage, who are NOT adequately clean enough in their intimate areas. This is extremely disrespectful. It has, sadly, reached a point where I’ve had no choice but to address it directly.

I’m aware it’s a rant, but had to be done. If you might be offended by what I’m saying about personal hygiene, then you need to re-evaluate what you believe good personal hygiene involves.

Please arrive shower fresh

It is both unsafe and extremely unpleasant, to be expected to massage anyone who smells of strong stale odours. This is particularly off-putting. Worst of all, smells from a dirty backside or any poo present, are likely to cause contamination of my facilities. It should not be necessary for me to have to clean you.

It’s not much to ask. Thank you.