Which qualities go into the best gay male massage?

As to what makes the best gay male massage is a very subjective question. There are many different men, each seeking something different from the massage. Male massage can very from being Swedish, deep tissue, possibly sensual, often referred to as erotic, and in some cases called tantric. Tantric is, of course, a philosophy. All massage is something I consider very sacred.

You could visit, and have massage, from 1000 different masseurs. Every experience would be completely unique. This is because the combination of client and masseur is different, though a massage often differs even when a masseur works with the same client more than once.

Beings with energy constantly in motion

We forget that we are beings with energy that’s constantly in motion – hence the term emotion. Our feelings, thoughts, needs and desires, beliefs and dreams all change frequently. If you start doing something ten minutes earlier than you intended, it’s conceivable that the way you feel about it, and even how you go about it, are different to what they might be ten minutes later.

Massage is very similar. To give you the very best male massage, I go almost into a state of meditation. I always believe the finest work I do is when I have a completely clear mind. That way, I can be at one with your Soul. I always make sure I don’t have any distractions. That gives powerful focus.

I remember giving a rather beautiful Indian man a massage –  which I can vividly recall feeling as though I was swimming in a lovely, gigantic, colourful lake, that was man-shaped. Being aware of hues of cyan, cobalt blue, azure, indigo, orange, yellow and gold, made it one of the most splendid spiritual journeys I ever went on.

When I’d finished massaging him, I felt very moved by the beauty of all those lovely colours and the state of my own emotions. Imagine, also, what my reaction was when he said to me,

“That was a splendid and powerful massage, Steve. You were swimming in my Soul!”

When I mentioned my experience while massaging him, he didn’t seem in the slightest bit surprised!

How deliciously spooky was that? I felt I had a glowing, sunny, radiant and enlightened state for some considerable months afterwards. Energised and refreshed. It was a fantastic energy, infectious and joyful. It’s also made a huge difference to other men I’ve massaged.

Men can tell I’m very tactile and love touch. They feel it from the moment I begin the massage until I stop. By ensuring your comfort, and listening to how you want me to tailor your massage, are just a few things that go into making your massage special, memorable and enjoyable.

Sometimes, when I ask a man what he wants his massage to be like, he’ll say to me,

“Oh, you know, you’re the masseur, just do what you always do.”

But, of course, I can’t, can I? I cannot, because what one guy might want his massage to be like, another probably wouldn’t.

So I always ensure I ask how you want your massage to be. I use pressure and touch-depth for different purposes. Some men love intensely deep, weighty touch, otherwise they’d feel short changed. Others might prefer the touch to be extremely gentle or very slow and sensual. There’s no right or wrong.

It’s one of the aspects about massage that I truly love. I never know what someone is going to ask for their male massage session. It’s refreshing, unique, intriguing, and above all, a journey of discovery for me. It improves my own understanding of humanity, and physical contact.

It definitely improves my art and enables me to hone it. To polish it such, that I aim to make you feel like you are a gleaming gem. Because you deserve to shine.

Just like the beautiful, shining star you were born to be.

By Published On: January 12, 2018

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