I can’t find your prices

You can find my prices and booking information on the prices and making appointments page.

The services I provide are aimed at solvent men only. Please be kind enough to check them first. Please don’t contact me unless you’ve seen the prices, can afford my services and have no issues.

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Can I choose a masseur I like?

I’m self-employed and don’t employ anyone else, so that could be rather a challenge. The pictures and videos show me doing what I love most. So you’ll only be able to choose me.

If you don’t like how I look, that’s unfortunate. There are no other masseurs, or masseuses, to choose from.

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I’m trying to call you but keep getting answerphone

Please be patient. When I’m doing a massage, the phone is on silent and I’m not available.

You wouldn’t want your massage experience shattered by a sudden ringtone, so my phone is silenced before I begin. When my client has left, I switch it back to normal. I will do my best to respond as soon as circumstances allow.

Night time calls can’t be answered because the phone is scheduled to be silent from 10:30 pm through until 07:00 am.

If you would care to leave me a short message, including your name and number, I’ll call you next morning if safe to do so.

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I’ve sent several texts – you haven’t replied!

If I’m busy, my phone is on silent. I don’t like text alert tones any more than ringtones, while I’m massaging. My clients pay for my time, which is as sacred to me as it is to them. If you’re expecting an immediate reply, you might be disappointed. I do my best to respond when I’m next available.

If, per chance, you may have asked me an inappropriate question, asked me about my personal details, then it’s entirely possible that I have probably blocked your number and deleted your messages. Please make certain that you send sensible, decent texts. You’re more likely to get replies 😊

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Can the massage help with premature ejaculation?

Yes, indeed it can, as long as you follow any instructions I give during the massage and allow your body to enjoy the succour of what I do. You must allow yourself to be fully self-aware and not be unduly distracted, otherwise it might not work.

It has a lot to do with your ability to truly relax. Many men fear that they’ll cum quickly, so they stop, rather than relaxing into the joy and the energising benefits it can bring to have full body orgasms without ejaculating.

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Do I have to be gay?

You don’t have to be gay at all. You may be married, bi-sexual or curious. It really doesn’t matter. It’s how you identify with feeling at the time.

There’s no right or wrong. Around 98% of my clients are straight, married or in a relationship.

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Is mutual touch allowed?

No, it isn’t.

Some men ‘expect’ their massage to include ‘respectful intimate mutual touch’. There’s nothing ‘respectful’ about thinking you’re entitled to touch me intimately, especially without my consent.

Mutual touch is at my discretion. If I invite you to touch me, then it’s because I feel comfortable with you.

I have no contractual obligation to allow you to touch me intimately if I don’t.

Just as you have the right not to be touched somewhere in a way you aren’t comfortable about.

Please remember you are paying me to touch you. You aren’t paying me to be an object of your desires. If that’s your intention, then you will be best served by contacting a prostitute.

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