My 10 best tips for giving the best sensual massage. This is an article to help you and your partner (or a single person you might meet up with!), some really lovely, useful information, so you can give each other the best possible sensual massage.

1. Allow enough time.

Make sure you have plenty of time. before doing any kind of massage, particularly sensual, because time is one of the most important ingredients, apart from you and your massage partner.

2. Ensure you have enough room.

Make sure you have the necessary space, and make it really comfortable with cushions, pillows, curtains, throws, candles , any other luxury items that add to the atmosphere.

3. Have the space at a comfortable temperature.

A great massage needs to be done in an environment where you feel warm and cosy- unless it’s the middle of summer, then you might need to be cooler.

As long as you feel no awareness of the temperature of the room, then it’ll be just right. Bear in mind, though, that your temperature does drop during massage. Especially if it’s sensual, and you have no clothes on. So make sure the space is how you both feel most agreeable before you start.

4. Ensure there are no distractions.

You will need to make sure anything pressing is sorted out before you begin. Anything on your mind, not surprisingly, will affect how well you do the massage.

If you have a worry, or something in your head which you wish wasn’t there, then you won’t properly immerse yourself in the massage, and enjoy the moment properly. Any other things pressing, which you need to get out of the way, need to be dealt with first.

Your massage won’t be effective, or enjoyable for your partner, or you, if you keep stopping and starting, because you’ve just remembered something else that needs doing.

Get everything out of the way before you begin. That includes turning off your mobile devices. No distractions means precisely that. No distractions.

5. Decide on whether you want snacks and food to hand.

This can make your massage extra special, especially if it’s food you both enjoy together.

This can also be really lovely if you like to swap massage. It’s a way to make the occasion more abundant.

6. Choose music that pleases both of you.

Unless you prefer to have quiet, putting music on adds to the overall sexiness of the occasion.

7. Make sure you breathe.

Breathing is key to good massage, and it’s just as important for the person receiving the massage, as the person giving it.

The more oxygen present in both of you will heighten awareness, and make your pleasure a hundredfold better.

8. Use warm luxury oil, such as coconut.

Make sure your partner has no allergies to the oils you want to use. Using warm oil is an even more beautiful experience for your partner.

Depending on preference, you might choose to add essential oils, to bring scent to your massage as well. Avoid using cold or room temperature oil at all costs. Most important than ever, please ensure you haven’t used it for cooking.

There’s nothing worse than making your partner feel like they’re being served up alongside fish and chips!

9. If your partner has any slightly sore or aching muscles.

It’s really considerate to give those areas some dedicated massage, before moving on to the sensual side of the massage.

It shows them that you care, that you’re patient, and demonstrates your interest in pleasing them. Once you’re done with those, make your touch lighter, and much slower.

Making your touch far more slow, gentle and light, is a definite tease. If your partner enjoys heavier touch, then mingle it in with light touch, then go to slightly heavier touch.

Try not to consciously think about anything, other than the pleasure you get from giving your partner pleasure.

Let your touch go wherever it feels natural, and enjoyable. Close your eyes. Really feel your partner. Discover them as though they have words on them, which you can feel, rather than needing eyes to see.

Go incredibly slowly.  Then, slow down even further. Imagine making your massage so slow, that anyone watching could not see your movements. This can make your massage totally sublime.

10. Ensure you listen, observe and respond to the reactions your partner has to your touch.

Aim to give them the most amazingly memorable time they have ever known.

Never rush, at any point. If you do feel really excited, breathe, and slow right down. Pull back on your own pleasure throttle, as if you’re flying a plane. Keep yourself in the air, for as long as possible.

Remember not to give in to your pleasure, but hold on to it. Hold the moment. Make it even more delicious, gentle, and teasing than ever, for them, and for you.

It’s an art that simply cannot be rushed. You’ll be truly amazed at how you’ll both feel, and how the massage takes you on a fabulous sensual journey of discovery together.

Above all else, Enjoy! Remember, there are no rights or wrongs. It an opportunity to find sensations that are new, unexplored, and fun together.

By Published On: July 27, 2022

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