Uncensored gay massage videos are great for those of you wanting to see what I do in all it’s glory. The videos convey the authentic, patient, nurturing and dedicated aspects of what I do. It is, from the great feedback I’m always having, the most erotic massage video you’ll ever find on the internet.

Helping overcome stress with videos

To help overcome stress, I’ve been editing and putting together some uncensored gay massage videos. I have several, none of which are too long. Some men appear to find a full 90 minute session boring to watch, because the happy ending never happens until almost the very end. I’m regularly adding new and updated videos to the collection, so check back regularly to see the latest ones. 🙂

I’ve now done several, the newest ones are at the top of this list:

  • What happens in a gay sensual massage session, lasts 30:57 minutes.
  • Uncensored Tantric Massage, lasts 7:00 minutes.
  • Cock Massage, aka an A to Z or Lingam Massage (a short excerpt from the Lingam Massage DVD).
  • Uncensored Deep Tissue Sensual Massage lasts 6:39 minutes.
  • Cock Massage video, lasts 7:05 minutes.
  • Uncensored Gay Massage Video, lasts 7:11 minutes.
  • Uncensored Erotic Gay Massage with cum-shot at the end, lasts 20:05 minutes.

Due to the ever evolving  state of various hosting platforms, I’m presently experiencing problems with xylo space. My videos have been hosted there for some considerable time. unfortunately, having recently tried to login, and update the profile, I’ve found to my dismay that my account doesn’t appear to exist.

I’ve never received any notification that the hosting was changing, so its somewhat frustrating. All the video content there has been lost or deleted by them, without receiving any notification. I’ll update the moment I’m able to sort something else out. Until then, the videos are unavailable, unless you would like to buy a hard copy.

If this is the case, please send a large capacity USB flash drive to me through the post. Please ensure you enclose a stamped addressed envelope for it’s return. You then transfer the modest fee of £30.00 to my bank account. After that, I’ll load the videos onto your flash drive, and post it back to you.

If you’d like to do this, please get in touch, ask me, and I’ll give you the necessary bank details for payment, and the address for you to send your USB flash drive and stamped addressed envelope. I recommend a drive with at least 64GB capacity.

Because of the nature of them, they’re impossible to host on this website.  The vast bandwidth used, when viewing them, would result in my website hosting being disabled. That, in effect, would mean my website would be completely inaccessible.

When they were hosted on Xylospace, I had an enormous number of compliments about them. I’m frequently told that my sensual gay massage videos are the most beautiful, sensual, gentle videos you’ll ever find anywhere on the Internet.

I’ve had some lovely emails, telling me how much guys have enjoyed watching me do erotic massage.

I look forward to loading the videos on your sticks… pun intended.

By Published On: April 18, 2020

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